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HUABON 24 Volt Air Conditioner for Trucks for Your Better Driving Experience

Jan 24,2022

HUABON 24 Volt Air Conditioner for Trucks for Your Better Driving Experience

In recent years, trucks have played an increasingly crucial role in the transport of goods as the volume of logistics goods has increased. In order to improve driver comfort, it is vital to have an efficient 24 Volt Air Conditioner for Trucks. If you have the following driving requirements, our company's air conditioners are the right choice for you:

1.Want to stay cool in the hot summer ?

Copper tube condenser with good heat-exchange function and big cooling capacity(2600W), plus our digital temperature control, which can supply a constant temperature in truck cab. Four air outlets that can be adjustable 360 degrees, people will stay cool no matter where in the cab.

2. Want to be undisturbed while driving?

Ultra-slim evaporator in the cab and reasonable design,not only saving cab space but with low noise. The whole unit will supply a conformable environment during day and night.

3. Want to stay comfortable when you sleep?

Long runtime that can keep running overnight, low noise avoid disturbing your sleep. Customers can use remote control to adjust temperature, which is convenient and easy.

In addition to, HUABON 24 Volt Air Conditioner for Trucks also has many advantages mentioned as follows:

◆ Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant.

◆ Extra-slim and streamlined design, beautiful and elegant.

◆ Smart control with remote controller, easy for operation.

◆ Ultra-silence DC scroll compressor, low noise.

◆ Reliable and stable performance.

◆ High quality product with moderate pricing

We also provide our customers with installation guidance instructions and necessary accessories to provide you with a full range of services. Also, we offer a one-year warranty , during which you can contact us at any time if there are any quality problems. We believe that more truckers will trust and choose HUABON 24 Volt Air Conditioner for Trucks. We will keep upgrading and modifying our products to provide solutions for a better driving experience.

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