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Analysis of Changes and Trends in the Refrigerated Truck Industry

Jan 15,2021

Analysis of Changes and Trends in the Refrigerated Truck Industry

1. The rising demand for cold chain drives the rapid development of refrigerated trucks

With the vigorous development of food cold chain, fresh food e-commerce, etc., it has greatly promoted the rapid growth of my country's refrigerated truck market demand. In 2019, affected by the African swine fever, the government advocated "centralized slaughter, cold chain transportation, and the listing of chilled fresh food", and encouraged slaughter companies to equip necessary refrigerated trucks and other equipment to improve long-distance transportation capacity. At the same time, in 2019, the construction of urban and rural cold chain logistics facilities will be included in the Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee. In the future, the demand for mild urban and rural delivery vehicles will increase accordingly. In addition, with the continuous increase of high-grade highways and expressways, the capacity of highways has increased, driving safety has increased, and the speed of vehicles has increased, which is conducive to the development of heavy refrigerated vehicles and refrigerated trains. In order to adapt to changes in the market, a large part of medium-sized vehicles will be replaced by light, micro and heavy vehicles.


2. Industry supervision is strengthened, and the refrigerated truck market is gradually regulated

With the introduction of cold chain logistics policies in multiple regions and fields, the cold chain logistics standardization system will gradually be improved, and the supervision of the refrigerated truck industry will gradually be strengthened, and it will develop in the direction of standardization and standardization. Relevant national departments will increase law enforcement in four areas.


3. Increased quality awareness and continuous upgrading of refrigerated truck manufacturing

As consumers have higher and higher requirements for food safety, the quality awareness of the refrigerated truck market will continue to increase, and the refrigerated truck will develop in the direction of lightweight, intelligent, multifunctional, standardized and serialized.


4. Environmental protection and energy saving prevail, refrigerated trucks develop green and efficient.

Current enterprises have explored the use of fluorine-free environmentally friendly molded polyurethane for thermal insulation sandwich materials, polymer composite fiber materials for the inner and outer skins, construction of a mobile biosafety level III laboratory, and use of the manufacturing technology and equipment of reinforced resin fibers from VENUS. , To improve efficiency and reduce pollution. In the future, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient production materials, equipment and technologies will be more commonly used.

On the other hand, from the perspective of energy and fuel, due to the immature development of new energy refrigerated vehicles, backward battery technology, and reduced policy subsidies, the current development of new energy refrigerated vehicles is relatively slow, but in the long run, environmental protection Under the general trend, new energy must be the trend of future development of refrigerated trucks.


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