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Choose All-Electric Refrigeration Units, Follow the Trend

Oct 31,2023

Choose All-Electric Refrigeration Units, Follow the Trend

Nowadays, all-electric refrigeration units are going to be the trend in the cold chain transport industry with technological advances and rising fuel prices. If you want to get a bigger market share or start your new business, please follow the trend and choose Huabon all-electric refrigeration units.

All-Electric Refrigeration Units

Why choose Huabon all-electric transportation refrigeration units for your cargo vehicles?

1.Low cost. Huabon units are 100% DC battery drove, without any fuel cost. It can still work when your vehicle’s engine is off.

2.Low maintenance cost. Huabon electric units don’t need to install any brackets near the engine, so you don’t worry about engine wear. And all unit parts are selected at various levels. We believe that good quality gonna win the market, and we insist on it.

3.Easily installed. Our compressor is built inside, so it is very easy to install.Huabon can provide all-electric transport refrigeration units for freezing (-20℃) or chilling (-5℃).

And we have different models for you to choose from, whether bigger or smaller cargo boxes you have. What’s more, Huabon not only provides the refrigeration units but also the whole solution based on your specific needs. We can provide OEM/ODM/Customized service for our partners.

Huabon R&D department consistently committed to innovative breakthroughs in refrigeration unit technology over the 14 years. Well, today, our technology has long been recognized and embraced by the international market. We have partners all over the world, such as the USA, Mexico, South Africa, Uzbekistan, etc. And we have established strategic business cooperation with many famous brand vans&truck builders, including but not limited VW Caddy, Renault Kangoo, Maxus, e-NV200, BYD T3, etc.

Huabon is definitely a trustworthy and powerful company.
If you are looking for a reliable partner, welcome to inquiry.

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