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DC Full Electric Refrigeration Units for Tricycles, Cargo Vans, and Small Trucks

Nov 25,2021

DC Full Electric Refrigeration Units for Tricycles, Cargo Vans, and Small Trucks

As a professional manufacturer of cold chain transportation refrigeration units, Huabon Thermo always pays attention to market demand and relies on its own manufacturing advantages in the field of DC electric refrigeration units. We have successfully developed and produced quick-frozen, seafood, fresh food, ice cream, fruit, dairy products and other foods. Electric refrigerated vehicles solve the last-mile distribution needs, and perfectly realize the effect of "low-cost distribution".

It is reported that due to urban traffic congestion and local restrictions on the passage of some large box vehicles, Huabon Thermo electric refrigerated vehicles are not restricted due to their compact and light weight boxes. In addition, due to more and more higher oil prices, the maintenance costs of large vans continue to increase, which also provides development possibilities for electric refrigerated delivery vehicles.

Electric refrigerated vehicles are battery-driven, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and emission-reducing. They are truly economical, applicable, flexible, and maneuverable green vehicles. Compared with the distribution of large vans, Huabon Thermo electric refrigerated vehicles not only have prominent advantages in transportation, but also have strong advantages in terms of vehicle purchase cost, operation, repair, maintenance, and logistics. With the continuous maturity of cold chain logistics market, Huabon Thermo electric refrigerated vehicles will become the best choice for users with many advantages such as compactness, light weight, economy, low consumption, and durability.

In order to solve the refrigerated distribution from the coldroom to the supermarket, Huabon Thermo specializes in the development of refrigerated electric tricycles. It adopts battery DC power supply and imported inverter compressors. The low temperature can reach minus 20 Celsius degrees.


   Product Features

  Battery driven electric refrigeration unit, low consumption and maintenance cost

  Rooftop mounted condenser and ultra-slim evaporator, saving lading space

  Digital and multi-functional temperature display

  Optional DC12V/48V/60V/72Voltage for different requirements

  Customized E-tricycle refrigerated box/refrigeration unit/vehicle battery/unit battery and charges

  external glass panel/stainless steel/color steel plate, kitchen structure layer body

  High-quality gift wrap around the car body,stainless steel door lock, frame, and hinge

  soft connection frame , more stableplate, lower noise, and more attractive cushioning.

  The whole vehicle adopts a five-bend frame, which is stronger, and uses thicker bumpers, which is safer.


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