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Daily Using and Maintenance of Refrigerated Truck Refrigeration Units

Aug 11,2021

Daily Using and Maintenance of Refrigerated Truck Refrigeration Units

In the daily use of refrigerated trucks, proper use of refrigeration units and attention to maintenance of refrigerated trucks will extend the service life of refrigerated trucks and refrigerating units.

1. Vehicle Inspection

Check refrigerated truck body, truck refrigeration units, fuel oil, battery and tires etc.

2. Clean truck box body

Prevent the garbage in the box from being sucked into the evaporator with return air, blocking the evaporator and affecting the refrigeration.

3. Cargo pre-cooling

"Pre-cooling" is at the forefront of the cold chain and is the most important part of the cold chain of fruit and vegetable products. Please ensure that the goods have reached the optimal storage temperature before loading.

4. Packing of cargo

The packaging of fresh goods should be ventilated, and plastic packaging should not be used when transporting fresh goods.

Please make sure the packaging is intact for frozen products.

5. Pre-cooling refrigerated truck body

Before loading, the refrigerated truck body should be pre-cooled, so that the heat in the box body can be discharged and the quality of the goods can be better guaranteed.

6. Load the goods correctly

Please turn off the refrigeration unit when loading, don’t block the air inlet and outlet of the evaporator, and reserve space in accordance with the regulations.

7. Turn on the unit regularly

If you don’t use refrigeration units for long time, please keep running the refrigeration unit once every two weeks, each run for 10-15 minutes.

8. Regular maintenance

The refrigeration unit, like a car, requires comprehensive maintenance so that the unit can always maintain a good operating condition.

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