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FAQS - Huabon Thermo Transport Refrigeration Unit Models, Installation and Distributorship.

Jan 18,2021

FAQS - Huabon Thermo Transport Refrigeration Unit Models, Installation and Distributorship.

1. Q: How to choose the right truck refrigeration units for my refrigerated trucks?

    A: We need to know your truck box size, thickness of panels, temperature requirement and local ambient temperature, and then we will recommend the right truck refrigeration units.                                  Also you can choose the models by referring to the refrigeration units selection guide below:


2. Q: Whether your refrigeration units can reach to -20℃ when the ambient temperature is 38℃?

 A: Yes. Normally if the R404a cooling systems are recommended for the proper truck box size, it can reach to -20℃ within 2.5 hours.

3. Q: Do you have DC powered refrigeration units for refrigerated vans?

 A: Yes, currently we have battery driven chiller van refrigeration unit TR200D and frozen van refrigeration unit TRF200D for the 2~5m³ van box size.

4. Q: Whether your truck refrigeration units are filled with refrigerant before shipping?

    A: The refrigerant can only be filled after vacuumizing when doing the installation jobs, which are better to be carried out by the technical staffs with experiences.

5. Q: Whether I can buy one unit as sample to test?

    A: Yes, our MOQ is 1pcs for transport refrigeration units items.

6. Q: How is your packing standard for transport refrigeration units?

    A: Usually we will pack our units in wooden cases. Also if there is a need, we can consider packing by cartons.

7. Q: How long warranty period do you provide? Do you have detailed installation instruction and product manual?

    A: Our Warranty term is One Year Warranty for all of our products and detailed installation instruction/product manual, if you have any technical question, you can contact with us freely.

8. Q: How to be your distributor in our country?

    A: You need have rich experience in sales and installation for truck refrigeration units, we will consider to sign the distributorship agreement according to conditions. you can fill in the

    Distributorship Qualification Sheet and contact us through info@huabonthermo.com to for deep discussion.

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