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Farming A/C Solution - Electric Air Conditioner for Agricultural Machinery and Farming Equipments

Apr 18,2022

Farming A/C Solution - Electric Air Conditioner for Agricultural Machinery and Farming Equipments

In modern agricultural, harvesting machines have replaced the traditional harvesting scene. With the hot weather during the harvesting season and the long working hours of harvesting machinery, installing an electric air conditioner for agricultural machinery is starting to become a trend. The special nature of agricultural machinery is generally common in the fields. In regions where local people are sparse, a large number of agricultural harvesters appear at harvest time. Agricultural harvesters work long hours and are dusty and noisy, especially during the harvesting process, which is often accompanied by large amounts of dust, dirt and grain particles. It is due to this feature that requires the electric air conditioner for agricultural machinery to be more durable .

How to choose the right electric air conditioner for agricultural machinery?

First of all, the cooling capacity must be large enough to ensure the cooling effect under hot conditions. Secondly, the product design needs to take into account the use scenario of the machinery, which is dusty and dirty. Huabon Thermo AC2000EC electric air conditioner for agricultural machinery is the one specially designed for farming equipments, with many advantages:

◆ Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant.

◆ Split type parking A/C, with outer door unit to be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Copper tube condenser coil with big fin distance, Effective filtration of dust and particles during use, reducing clogging, extending service life and reducing maintenance costs

◆ Extra-slim and streamlined design, beautiful and elegant.

◆ Smart control with remote controller, easy for operation

Huabon Thermo AC-2000EC,specially designed electric air conditioner for agricultural machinery and mining machinery to meet special needs and fuel agricultural intelligence. If you are interested in our products, contact to us freely.

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