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Heavy-duty Truck Freezer Unit for 60-70M3 Large Reefer Boxes

Oct 06,2021

Heavy-duty Truck Freezer Unit for 60-70M3 Large Reefer Boxes

As the biggest direct drive truck freezer unit, HT-1280 is designed with 4 fans condenser and 4 fans evaporator units. With strong cooling capacity that is been used for 9.6m long reefer box.

Commonly, HT-1280 will be clients' first priority for long distance dlivery of fruits, vegetable, frozen fish, shrimps, etc. Since China is country with a vast territory and long deepth and breadth, that will be a lot of benefits for owners of trucks and cargoes:

No-cutting of Truck Cabin: heavy-duty trucks are always to be equipped with high cabin and double sleeper bed that with limited space for the nose-mounted truck freezer unit. But with HT-1280, there is no need to cut the truck cabin roof, and it looks elegant after installation.

Light Weight: Huabon HT-1280 truck freezer unit is less than 150 kilograms in total, that won't put on too much weight on the truck body, saving fuel and toll cost.

Saving Money: compared to the diesel truck refrigeration units, direct drive HT-1280 will be only one-third of the cost for truck owners.

Besides, Huabon HT-1280 has been prooved to be with the biggest cooling capacity, high reliability, and low failure rates, which all together will help our clients to save a huge of the operation cost and maintenance cost.

Anyway, if you have a truck that is 40M3, 50M3, 60M3, or 70M3 cubic meters with high cabin, you can call us freely at: +8615824870892. There will be a solution for you with the best economy.

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