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How To Choose A Right Transport Refrigeration Unit For Your Vehicle?

Jan 09,2022

How To Choose A Right Transport Refrigeration Unit For Your Vehicle?

With the development of refrigerated vehicles, transport refrigeration unit also shares a rapid growth. But facing with a dazzling array of products on the market, with good and bad, how should we choose a unit that suits us? As one of the top leading transport refrigeration unit manufacturers in China, here are some points that we'd like to advise as follows:

1. What Is Transport Refrigeration Unit?

A transport refrigeration unit is an equipment application on refrigerated vehicle to keep the goods fresh or frozen during delivery, including condenser, evaporator, compressor, controller, hoses, wires and other spare parts.

2. What Are The Main Classification For Transport Refrigeration Unit?

Classified by temperature demands:Frozen and fresh refrigeration unit

Classified by structure: split and mono-block

Classified by mounting mode: front/nose-mounted,rooftop-mounted and bottom-mounted

Classified by driving mode: DC powered,directly engine driven and diesel engine driven

3. What Are The Main Points Need To Consider For A Transport Refrigeration Unit?

First, your temperature demand and vehicle box or container size:

For example,if you want to delivery frozen goods at -18 Celsius degrees,a frozen refrigeration unit will be a good choice.If you delivery fresh fruit and vegetables,then a fresh refrigeration unit will be enough. As for box size, usually refrigerated vehicle lest than 6 meters length , split refrigeration unit is a good choice. But this is not the only one selection criteria.

Second, local climate:

This is also import point, especially those places with high ambient temperature and humidity. When container temperature is set to 0°C and ambient temperature is 50°C, reefer unit cooling capacity is only 60% of the condition of 30°C ambient temperature; When container temperature is set to -20 ℃ and the ambient temperature is 50°C, reefer unit cooling capacity is only 51. 8% of the condition of 30 ℃ ambient temperature. Meanwhile, a high humidity environment will reduce the suction/discharge temperature of the compressor, cause fast frosting and worse heat exchange effect. In those conditions,you may need a bigger refrigeration unit.

Third, the vehicle mode:

Usually, directly driven and diesel driven refrigeration unit are application on a refrigerated truck. As for refrigerated van, directly driven and battery driven rooftop mounted units are more popular. With the development of three-wheel refrigerated vehicles, DC powered E-tricycle refrigeration units will have a greatly growth.

Forth, other special usage demands:

For direct engine driven refrigeration units,it will stop work when vehicle engine is off. So, some clients will need STANDBY function reefer kits. Client can choose a split Standby refrigeration unit or integrated STANDBY refrigeration unit to meet demands.

4. What Can Huabon Thermo Supply?

As one of the professional transport refrigeration unit manufacturers, Huabon Thermo have developed a comprehensive range of transport refrigeration unit,meeting different requirements; Application on 0.5~70 cubic meters box size from -20 to 20 Celsius degrees, DC powered/directly driven/diesel driven modes and rooftop/nose/bottom mounting models to meet clients needs. We also supply professional advice,units maintenance and after-sales service for clients. Any needs,contact with us freely.

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