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Huabon Thermo Roof-mounted Van Refrigeration Units with STANDBY

Mar 05,2021

Huabon Thermo Roof-mounted Van Refrigeration Units with STANDBY

- For 8-15M3 frozen or chiller van box sizes. Standard heating and AC220V STANDBY inside the roof-mounted condenser. 

Huabon Thermo HT-200TS and HT-300TS are roof-mounted cargo van refrigeration units, which are popular for 8-15M3 frozen or chiller van box size to delivery all kinds of frozen meats, shrimps, fishes, fresh vegetable, fruits and Pharmaceuticals, etc. It is widely be used for downtown deliveries.

Also, the HT200TS and HT300TS are standard with AC220V/AC380V electric standby inside the roof-mounted condensers for parking usage and over-night refrigeration applications; The standby compressor is AC220V or AC380V directly, together with a voltage converter and electric control system, which makes the standby much more simpler and reliable for various operation circumstances.

Besides, the HT200TS and HT300TS cargo van refrigeration units have heating function as well, and the heating performance is double ensured with the CPR valve. Last but not the least, our cargo van refrigeration units are all with ultra-slim 2 fans evaporators, saving sapce for cargoes and make sure large air flow volume.

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