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New Energy Van Refrigeration Unit- New Trend of Green Economy

Aug 09,2023

New Energy Van Refrigeration Unit- New Trend of Green Economy

With the increasingly serious problems of global greenhouse gas emissions, environmental pollution and resource consumption, the global carbon emission standards tend to be strictly controlled, cost reduction and efficiency increase.As an important transportation equipment for the development of cold chain logistics industry, it is also the trend of diesel refrigerated vehicles and new energy refrigerated vehicles.

Due to the new energy electric refrigerated van high temperature requirements, power consumption is larger, battery storage capacity is not high.Short range, charging inconvenience and charging time is long, and problems such as battery power is not stable, which can lead to fresh products refrigerated preservation effect is poor, product quality is not stable.

Huabon Thermo releases TRF-280D(DC48) van refrigeration unit,a ternary lithium battery(48V 100AH) in condenser,client will not need to worry about the battery volume.This battery can keep the reefer unit work at least five hours,which can keep the goods in frozen condition.

Apart from the battery,TRF-280D(DC48V) also have some advantages:
►DC48V Electric compressor, durable, big cooling capacity, and low failure rate.
►Rooftop condenser, with streamlined profile, self-contained battery pack and charger.
►Ultra Slim evaporator, saving space for cargoes.
►In-cab LCD screen control panel, flexible mounting.

If you are looking for a full-electric reefer unit for your van, and your van battery volume is not big,TRF-280D would be your best choice!

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