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New Product Release !!!

May 27,2021

New Product Release !!!

In May 2021, to better adapt to demands in the demestic market - applicable for a smaller box size on 4.2m trucks, Huabon Thermo redesigned the HT-400 as small truck refrigeration unit for 3.7-4.2 meters long trucks. The new outlook is more easiliy to get license for trucks, also with improved products structure and configurations in the meantime. 

HT-400 small truck refrigeration unit is a direct engine driven unit, fronted mounted and apply for 16~22m³ small or medium sized refrigerated truck box size, wit R404a Eco-friendly refrigerant gas, it will keep temperature range from -20℃ to +25℃.

What parts does HT-400 includes in the cooling system?

The complete cooling system of HT-400 includes condenser, evaporator, compressor, controller, wire harness, hoses and installation kits.

In the condenser, it is equipped with the HP/MP switches, oil separator, filter drier and filter receiver to keep HT-400 on high efficiency running. Double condenser fans to keep unit with large airflow.

Outstanding features of HT-400 small and medium-sized truck refrigeration unit?

Ø Ultra-slim evaporators with big air flow volume

Ø Parallel flow condenser coil, light weight, big and fast cooling.

Ø Quick and easy installation, simple maintenance.

Ø Digital and multi-functional control panel, double screen display, precise temperature control and simple operation, with e-diagnostics and fault alarming.

Ø Optional CPR heating and AC220V/AC380V standby.

HT-400 is applicable to be installed on MITSUBISHI FUSO, FOTON, JAC, JMC... as well as other small or medium sized refrigerated trucks.

Huabon Thermo can produce and supply full ranges of transport refrigeration units with competitive prices and high-quality products performance. For any demands on transport cooling solutions, please contact with us freely by email: info@huabonthermo.com, or call us direct to find a solution: +86 15824870892.


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