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New Product Release--Rooftop 12V Truck Cab Air Conditioner

May 06,2022

New Product Release--Rooftop 12V Truck Cab Air Conditioner

Huabon Thermo designed two models of 12V truck cab air conditioner AC-2400EI and AC-3000EI in the last of 2021, two models A/C units have been put into production and tested well, giving more choices for clients demands on 12V truck cab air condtioners worldwide .

AC-2400EI, as a small size 24V and 12V truck cab air conditioner, mainly used for light trucks, tractor, engineering vehicles, with 2400W (8188Btu) cooling capacity, DC12V/24V, electric compressor in the air conditioner, 800*700*170mm small size, low power consumption and easy to installation.

AC-3000EI, one high configuration 12V truck cab air conditioner that would be the perfect air conditioning solution for trucks, motorhome and mini vans, with brushless condenser fans, evaporator blower and fan motor, it will bring a quiet working or resting environment for drivers. 2800W (9554 Btu) cooling capacity, when ambient temperature is 40-50℃, AC-3000EI also can make hot air cool down quickly.

We tested AC-3000EI 12V truck cab air conditioner at ambient temperature with 50℃, The temperature in the cabin can reach 18.5℃ within 30 minutes, return air temperature will be 8.6℃.

Two models rooftop mounted integrated 24V and 12V truck cab air conditioners are driven by battery, when you install, the unit will connect with vehicle battery directly, you don’t need to consider the installing of compressor. For some trucks with skylight, you only need to remove the skylight, and put our air conditioner into skylight, you don’t need to make a extra hole to install air conditioner. We will provide all installation kits for you expect for refrigerant, so it will be easy for customers to install. Our installation kits will include a foam strips and waterproof tapes, only if you install air conditioner correctly, in rainy weather, there will be no leakage of water to the cabin.

Huabon Thermo, a professional manufacturer of cabin air conditioner and truck refrigeration units, we will provide high quality products and services, welcome to inquiry.

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