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Proper Maintaining for Refrigerated Trucks

May 15,2020

Proper Maintaining for Refrigerated Trucks

- The refrigerated truck is a special purpose vehicle that transports goods and keeps good fresh or frozen. The proper maintaining on time is very important to ensure the normal use of refrigerated trucks and extend its service life.

Part 1: Truck Chassis

Proper Maintaining for Refrigerated Trucks Proper Maintaining for Refrigerated Trucks

Usually the chassis engine is maintained per to mileage, which is very important.

To maintain the chassis, it must be thoroughly cleaned firstly. If there is mud on chassis, please wash it away before doing the anti-rust treatment. Raise the refrigerated truck to the lifting frame to clean and wipe the chassis. It should be noted that after cleaning, you must wait until the moisture on the chassis is dry before you can perform anti-rust maintain.

The coating must be sprayed evenly to form a uniform and durable anti-rust coating.

If above maintaining job is done, let it dry for 5~10 minutes naturally, then the rust-proof treatment of the chassis is completed.

After the anti-rust treatment, flush the chassis with a high-pressure gun, if the chassis does not have water droplets, then the anti-rust will work.

Part 2: Truck Refrigeration Unit

Proper Maintaining for Refrigerated Trucks 

Maintaining for refrigeration unit is commonly 500-700 hours or 2000 kilometers at one time: to check the stability of refrigeration system, adjust the compressor belt & bracket, to replace filters...

To check If there is looseness, cracks and damage of the tightening and mounting kits, and repair or replace them in time fr any abnormal.

Check the tightness and wear of the V-belt of the transmission part, whether the shaft and bearings are loose and abnormal.

Check if the pipes are damaged and if there is oil stains on pipe joints.

To check and clean the dust and dirt on condenser coils, pay attention to dust on the windward side of the air inlet, and remove it to make sure smooth air circulations.

Check whether there is debris or dust on the evaporator coil, if the coil is blocked, it must be cleaned; Defrosting should be done in time, the frost layer on the coils surface should not be too thick.

Check whether the compressor mounting parts are loose, whether there is leakage; check the high and low pressure values.

Check whether the expansion valve is working well and whether there is dirt, If there is a blockage, clean it.

Check the filter drier, clean or replace it.

Check the operation of fan and adjust the tightness.

Check refrigerant volume from sight glass, if it is insufficient, supplement some; if there is air in the refrigeration system, it needs to be vacuumed.

If the refrigerating unit is not be used for several consecutive months, it should be operated for one time in every two weeks, 10-15 minutes each time.

Check the refrigeration unit during operation. Maintaining should be done for one time every year.

Part 3:Refrigerated Truck Box Body

Proper Maintaining for Refrigerated Trucks Proper Maintaining for Refrigerated Trucks

Truck body is an important part of the refrigerated trucks. It is composed of polyurethane and fiberglass(aluminum alloy, color steel plate, etc.). In hot summer days, the refrigerated trucks should be parked in shade places to avoid of direct shining of sun ultraviolet rays.

(1) Maintaining for refrigerated truck box body are:

Check the external and internal surface & corners, flooring, lights, and air outlet of refrigeration unit etc.

Do not scratch the outer surface of the refrigerated truck box, otherwise it will reduce the pressure resistance of fiberglass and have it aged or deformed easily; on the other hand, the broken surface will make the polyurethane material exposed, affecting insulation of the refrigerated truck box body.

(2) For frequently used refrigerated truck, the box surface is easy to get stained with dirt, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. Before cleaning, turn off the power source firstly.

In order to prolong the lifetime of refrigerated truck box body, the sealing strip needs to be cleaned by warm water often, so as to keep it elastic.

To prevent the box surface from exposure in the air, the user can seal glaze treatment on the box surface to form a protective glaze on the paint surface of refrigerated trucks.

(3) Maintaining internal surface of the refrigerated truck box body, make sure to control the box inside temperature well and do not have the box inside freeze. If the air humidity is very high, the frozen product needs to be packed well, especially the aquatic products, to minimize the freezing possibility.

If there is ice on the inner surface of refrigerated truck box, it has to be removed in time to prevent the ice from becoming thicker, otherwise it will not only affect the storage space, but also increase the vehicle weight and fuel consumption. Similarly, should avoid of damaging the internal surface from sharp stuffs.

Part 4: Circuit of Refrigerated Truck

The wring terminals of the truck battery and the refrigeration units control wires must be firm and without corrosion. Check if there is loose or leak current of the who electric control system per to wiring diagram of the truck refrigeration units.

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