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Successful Visit of Azerbaijani Customer to HUABON THERMO Factory

Sep 21,2023

Successful Visit of Azerbaijani Customer to HUABON THERMO Factory

In September, our customers came to China HUABON THERMO factory for the first time. We greeted them with great enthusiasm at the airport, setting the tone for a productive visit.

HUABON has provided thousands of cooling solutions for clients in China and overseas

During their visit, firstly, we took the customers to our factory showroom to showcase our product samples. They showed keen interest in our range of products, particularly the HT-450, HT-680, HT-1000, and the various components for condensers such as pressure switches and valves,etc. We engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges regarding these products.

Our company are specialized in manufacturing truck refrigeration units and truck air conditioner.

Furthermore, we introduced our compressors, as well as our parking air conditioners AC-2600EV and AC-2600ET. The customer paid close attention to the specifications of AC-2600ET.

AC-2600ET 12V/24V DC Powered Truck Parking Air Conditioner

In the afternoon, we accompanied the customer to tour our production assembly line and warehouse. The customer praised the appealing appearance and excellent quality of our products.
During this visit, we had detailed discussions on units, components, and parking air conditioners, and reached a comprehensive understanding of cooperation details. We are pleased to 
establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

HT-450 Truck Refrigeration Unit for Sale, 18-25m³

In conclusion, this visit allowed us to have fruitful discussions and establish a strong cooperation in the field of refrigeration units. The customers also expressed great satisfaction with all aspects of our reception.

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