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Ten Points Should to Know about Refrigerated Vehicles

Jun 27,2023

Ten Points Should to Know about Refrigerated Vehicles

Temperature controlled transport can ensure perishable cargoes fresh. These years, refrigerated vehicles are commonly to see on the road, and knowing how to use refrigerated units for trucks can avoid damage of refrigerated vehicles. Besides the regular maintenance to refrigerated vehicles, the following ten points also can help you to decrease risk.

1.Operate refrigerated vehicles correctly can make sure perishable cargoes safe to destination

Because refrigerated vehicles are special and used for temperature sensitive products, so it is key point that drivers should to know how to operate refrigerated vehicles correctly, such as knowing refrigerated units for trucks working principle and how to set temperature of truck refrigeration units or van refrigeration units.

2.Preventive maintenance can decrease cost to the lowest

Vehicle maintenance and truck refrigeration units maintenance are not detached, and they all need to be maintained regularly. Usually, vehicle engine is maintained by mileage and vehicle refrigeration unit is maintained every 500-700 hours working time. For Huabon Thermo refrigerated units for trucks to be eco-friendly and use high-end engine oil, so the maintenance time can be prolong to every 1500 hours, which not only protect engine but also decrease maintenance cost. Also our truck refrigeration unit convenient for use price list is competitive compared to market units.

3.Proper package is important for cargo protection

For the deep frozen cargoes, it needs ventilated package and for the fresh cargoes, it needs unventilated package. That is because if air blows from deep frozen cargoes, it may lose water in cargoes to result in cargoes go bad, while fresh cargoes are in the breathing condition, if no air blows, it may result in cargoes go bad.

4.Precool 1 hour before load cargoes and turn off truck refrigeration units when load cargoes

Before load cargoes, it should to turn on vehicle refrigerated units for 1 hour to decrease temperature to set temp. When temperature is decreased, it should turn off truck refrigeration when load cargoes. If not turn off units, the evaporator fans are still working, so external hot air will be taken into truck body, and then temperature will be increased.

5.Truck refrigeration units are used to keep cargoes temperature not decrease cargoes temperature

It is a common mistake that many drivers think that truck refrigeration can decrease cargoes’ temperate. In fact, vehicle refrigeration units can only keep cargoes temperature. So before load cargoes, please measure cargoes temperature and then set temperate to it. If temperature is higher or lower that temperature, it may result in cargoes quality change.

6.Keep good ventilation around every “wall” in truck body

In the truck body, every “wall” should not be blocked, especially do not block evaporator inlet place, or it may result in evaporator frozen.

7.Cargoes should place on the layer board

For some refrigerated truck body, it adopts to ventilated aluminum guide rail floor, but most of refrigerated truck body adopts to flat abrasive floor in order to easy clean. For this point, it should use layer board on the floor, which can make sure ventilated on the floor.

8.Do not place cargoes in evaporator outlet

When load cargoes, please keep at least 225mm distance between cargoes and truck body roof. If cargoes are too high to block evaporator, it will affect truck refrigeration working and result in frost in evaporator pipe.

9.Keep truck body clean and not leave scraps

When use refrigerated vehicles, keep truck body clean. If there are scraps in truck body, it will be taken into evaporator to decrease refrigerating effect.

10.Upload cargoes quickly

When upload cargoes, should turn off refrigerated truck units, and decrease open door time.

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