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The Value of Truck and Van Chiller Units During Cold Chain Logistics of Fresh Flower

Dec 02,2021

The Value of Truck and Van Chiller Units During Cold Chain Logistics of Fresh Flower

Roses produced in Yunnan(Southwestern of China) are still beautiful when shipped to Zhengzhou(central China), because a local rose in Yunnan only sells for 0.1 yuan, but it costs 5 yuan in Zhengzhou. This is the value of cold chain logistics.

Flowers are special fresh products, which are prone to apoptosis and decay. In the process of transportation, flowers have relatively higher logistics requirements on delviery temperature, humidity, and air quality than other commodities. Its transportation pays sepcial attention to timeliness, professionalism and freshness. These characteristics require that the flower logistics should be a full cold chain logistics to reduce the deterioration and pollution loss of flowers in the logistics process.

In global cold chain logistics, 90% of agricultural products in North America market use cold chain logistics, and 60% of agricultural products in Europe use cold chain logistics, while only 18% of agricultural products in China use cold chain logistics. There is huge room for the development of cold chain logistics in China. Among them, the fresh flower segment has more profit margins.

The cold chain logistics process of fresh flowers, first is the preservation and pre-cooling after picking; second is the full carriage refrigerated transportation, this process must rely on refrigerated trucks, from loading, transportation, to terminal wholesale and distribution, the whole process should keep the flower in chiled continuously.

As a professional transport refrigeration units manufacturer in China, Huabon Thermo truck chiller units and van chiller units can provide a strong and safe cold chain logistics guarantee during the transport and distribution of fresh flowers.

► In the process of refrigerated transportation, Huabon Thermo truck chiller units can well meet the cold chain logistics needs of 5-60 cubic meters refrigerated trucks for flowers in different situations such as long-distance, mid-distance, short-distance transportation, etc.; After pre-cooling in the farm and fields, flowers will be deliveried in cold chain logistics directly to the destination flower markets, which can reduce the value loss of flowers greatly during the entire transportation process.

► In the back-end distribution process, Huabon Thermo produces several models of van chiller units and small truck chiller units, which is nose-mounted or rooftop mounted. And we specially designed a low-speed evaporator fan for the 280 truck and van chiller units. The cool air speed is gentler. It can not only keep the flowers chilled at low temperature during the delivery process, but also better maintain the moisture of flowers.

In addition, cheaper and competitive are one of the two features of Huabon Thermo truck and van chiller units. Whether it is refrigerated transportation or refrigerated distribution, choosing Huabon Thermo truck and van refrigeration units will always help you reduce the cost of cold chain logistics, and help you to win the market and customers' favor.

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