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This is the Correct Way to Use the 12V Parking Air Conditioner!

Apr 03,2022

This is the Correct Way to Use the 12V Parking Air Conditioner!

12V Park air conditioners are air conditioners that work on the battery even when vehicle parked. Compared with traditional car air conditioners, park air conditioners do not rely on vehicle engine power, which can greatly save fuel and environmental pollution, and have good cooling effect and save money. Hubaon Thermo will recommend you the right way to use it!

1. By opening the window to cooling cold faster after the sun exposure

When the car under the outdoor sun, the temperature inside the car can reach 50 ℃. Every time get into the car, the driver is suffering. Even if you turn on the air conditioner, it can be a bit difficult to turn the 50℃ heat into cold just by the air conditioner. You can only feel a trace of coolness in the air vents, the back of the buttocks close to the seat is still hot. In fact, before getting into the car first open all the windows or doors, first to disperse the heat, you have to be much better.

2. Use the air conditioning inside and outside the cycle to take turns to use

12V parking air conditioners generally have internal and external circulation switch, using external circulation, air conditioning from the outside of the car into the air, while the internal circulation is the air circulation inside the car. Inner circulation can improve the effect of air conditioning, equivalent to the indoor cold air and then cooling, of course, the air conditioning effect is better. However, the use of internal circulation for a long time will reduce the quality of air in the car, which may make people feel dizzy. Should be open for a while to use a few minutes of external circulation, so that fresh air into the car to improve air quality. In addition, in the use of air conditioning defrosting and defogging, to use the external circulation to be effective.

3. Turn off the air conditioner before turning off the engine

Many people use the car in the summer, the air conditioning compressor AC switch has not been turned off, the air conditioner is also open for a long time. The consequence of this is that your car is starting with the compressor when the ignition is on, and the starter load is high. In addition, the low temperature and humidity in the air conditioning ducts may lead to the proliferation of mold and mildew in the air conditioning ducts, causing odors. It is recommended that owners turn off the air conditioning before parking, so that the fan continues to run, so that the pipe dry, reducing the chances of mold reproduction.

The correct way to open the parking air conditioner, have you learned?

Hubaon Thermo 12V parking air conditioners adopt the symmetrical design of double rotor compressor, with smoother operation, faster cooling speed and lower air temperature; DC inverter brushless motor with low noise, stable operation and low failure rate; adjustable wind swing design, making the air supply wider, farther, wider and more accurate, so that the truckers can feel comfortable whether they are resting or sleeping. The air can be cool and comfortable. We have updated the design of brushless fan, brushless fan and brushless controller, low noise operation, large air volume, improve to your driving experience.

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