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Tips for Using Refrigerated Trucks and Refrigeration Units in Summer Days

Apr 18,2021

Tips for Using Refrigerated Trucks and Refrigeration Units in Summer Days

- The summer is coming around the corner, in order to keep the refrigerated trucks from damages of hot temperatures, the maintenance of refrigerated trucks is more and more important. Here we summarize some tips for transport refrigeration unit and refrigerated truck maintenance for your reference:

As an important part of the refrigerated truck, transport refrigeration unit is used to control the box inside temperature as per temperature demands of the delivery goods, so as to chill or frozen them and keep goods quality.

  1. The refrigeration system is used to keep goods temperature inside vehicle box, and it is not used to cool or frozen the hot goods. So goods are supposed to be precooled to setting temperature, so is the refrigerated truck box.

  2. When loading, there should be gaps or space between pallet or goods for good air circulation. The refrigeration units should be off when loading.

  3. The operation of truck refrigeration units should be subject to the operation manual strictly. Setting parameters are not supposed to be changed randomly unless it is carried out by the technical staff or allowed by the truck refrigeration units manufacturer.

  4. Commonly, the refrigeration unit is maintained or repaired 500-700 hours per time or 2000Km running time. Check the stability of the refrigeration system, adjust compressor bracket and belts, change filter driers when it is necessary.

  5. If the refrigeration unit is not used for several months, it is better to run it 10-15 minutes every 2 weeks so as to keep the refrigeration units in good performance.

  6. Sometimes the truck box is big-sized, so the truck gravity center will be higher, so pay attention to stability when driving, and speed down when turning a corner.

  7. To avoid of cross infection, and taint of odor, the refrigerated truck should be washed each time after using, in order to ensure goods quality.

  8. The refrigerated truck should be kept clean and tidy, and without damages. Check the vehicle carefully before running it to make sure the box and chassis are well connected and ensure delivery security.

  9. The refrigerated truck should be parked in water-proofing, sunlight0proofing and damp-proofing places, and the maintenance should be carried our regularly.

  10. Sharp objects are forbidden to hit the truck box, which will damage the fiberglass surface. Once there is damages on the box surface, small holes could be mended by the fiberglass glue. If it is big holes or broken, it is better to contact the truck box manufacturer to repair it.

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