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Tips for the Operation of Huabon Thermo Truck Refrigeration Units

May 17,2021

Tips for the Operation of Huabon Thermo Truck Refrigeration Units

- With the arrival of hot summer days, Huabon Thermo reminds all users to use the refrigeration units correctly and regularly check the components of units, so as to prolong the lifetime service of truck refrigeration units.

Tips as follows:

1. During the use of the truck refrigeration unit, the compressor, hoses and circuits have relatively large vibrations. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the compressor fixing bracket screws are loose and whether the pipelines and circuits are damaged every week.

2. After using the compressor belt for 1 month, check the tension of the belt. If it is loose, it will cause large noise. The belt needs to be tightened. If the belt is loose for a long time, the compressor may jam. It is recommended that the belt be replaced within 3 months.

3. The transportation of fresh fruits, vegetables, cold meat and other goods contains a lot of water vapor, which can easily cause the evaporator to frost and fail to cool down. If the transportation time exceeds 2 hours, manually activate the defrost function once to cool down better.

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