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Van Reefer Unit - Ice Cream Delivery on Hot Summer Days

Apr 22,2022

Van Reefer Unit - Ice Cream Delivery on Hot Summer Days


Many people like to have an delicious ice cream in the hot summer. Eating an ice cream, digging out half a watermelon with a spoon, is a pleasant and ritualistic thing in hot summer. But how they can maintain the melting after a long distance delivery? A relible van reefer unit to delivery is one of the most important procedure.

The transportation process needs to be kept below -15 ℃, therefore, to provide you with delivery service is no longer an ordinary courier company, but a cold chain logistics with refrigerated vehicles with van reefer unit. In order to improve the speed of delivery, ice cream is often not delivered directly from the manufacturer. In order to allow consumers can receive the goods in the shortest possible time, some of the stronger businesses will choose to build and rent frozen warehouses in cities where the population is concentrated. Stores ice cream warehouse, is also very delicate, super-adaptive multi-temperature warehouse, all-weather electricity protection, closed temperature control unloading platform, uninterrupted temperature control records, all-round real-time monitoring, convenient software management system are to ensure the perfect preservation of frozen food hard conditions, any one of these links out of order, will be the ice cream ho into irrecoverable losses. After all, no customer likes a strange ice cream that melts and refreezes. In order to ensure the quality of the storage without expending more energy and cost, most food manufacturers will give this link to the local professional third-party cold chain logistics.

To sum up, after the ice cream comes down from the factory production line, it first enters the finished product cold storage connected to the factory, and then the finished product is transported and distributed on vans that are equipped with van reefer unit commonly. There are several links in the transportation and distribution, the ice cream is first transported to the regional distribution center through the refrigerated vehicle, then distributed to the customer or distributor's cold storage. Then the distributor is responsible for the distribution to the stores, and finally from the stores to the consumers.

By working backwards through the transportation of ice cream, we can conclude that it is crucial to maintain the temperature during the transportation of ice cream:excellent performance, powerful van reefer unit and good insulation performance of the box or warehouse is the key hardware facilities.

As a professional van reefer units supplier, Huabon Thermo can provide the following support for customers to transport ice cream:

♦ We provide truck and van refrigeration units with competitive prices.

♦ We provide cooling solutions in hot climates, we have exported to high temperature areas such as Dubai, and the units have excellent performance.

♦ We provide reliable products, customers can choose parallel flow condenser and copper coils condenser, we will provide you with the most cost-effective products.

♦ We provide STANDBY cooling solutions. Separate STANDBY and integrated STANDBY options to meet the different needs of different customers, to protect the food transportation.

♦ Simple installation, fast cooling, low failure rate, reducing the cost of use and maintenance costs for customers.

♦ Multi-functional control panel, intelligent control of refrigeration units, convenient for drivers to understand the temperature conditions in a timely manner to reduce the loss of goods.

We are looking for long term cooperated clients from all over the world , welcome your inquiry, we will provide you with the most reliable cooling solutions according to your needs!

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