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Transport Refrigeration Unit Exported to South America

Jun 24,2024

Transport Refrigeration Unit Exported to South America

Transport Refrigeration Unit Exported to South America

South America has a large tropical range. The ambient temperature is high. There is a huge demand for transportation of refrigerated food, flowers, medicines, etc. So the cooling effect of the refrigeration units are very important. At present, HUABON refrigeration units have been approved by South America countries, such as: Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, etc., etc.

HT-1000 is driven direct by the vehicle engine. HT-280C refrigeration unit is copper tube refrigerators for vehicles. They all with fast cooling speed, high reliability and low failure rate. Easy installation, simple maintenance and low operating costs. Can well meet customer requirements.

High-quality products and timely after-sales service is the most important factor for Huabon refrigeration unit to work well in the south America.


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