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Another 15sets of Refrigeration Units Export to Saudi Arabia

Jun 28,2024

Another 15sets of Refrigeration Units Export to Saudi Arabia

Another 15sets of Refrigeration Units Export to Saudi Arabia

In February and March 2024, we received an inquiry from Mr.Mohammad, a customer in Saudi Arabia, who wanted to develop the refrigeration unit market locally. After consultation and communication with the company's technical staff, the models of HT-280T, HT-380T, HT-380, HT-580 and HT-450C were finally determined.

The customer received the unit in early June and tested it. The test results of the unit were very satisfactory. In the middle of this month, the customer reconfirmed the order for 15 units. We immediately arranged production, and it is expected that container loading will be carried out at the end of this month, and customers will receive the goods next month.

As a top-mounted direct drive unit, HT-280T&380T has achieved good sales in the Middle East and has been well received by customers. These two models are also the main models purchased by customers. Top performance of rooftop mounted van reefer units.

HT380&580&450C is also the best-selling refrigeration unit in the Middle East. Especially the HT-450C, this unit is a copper tube truck refrigeration unit, which has better heat dissipation and anti-corrosion effects. (Attached are HT-450C installation pictures for reference).

The Middle East market is Huabon Thermo's main market. We clearly understand the climate conditions in this area, can recommend suitable products according to customer requirements, and provide good prices. We also have a complete after-sales process to solve your worries.

Whether you are an end user or a dealer from the Middle East, you are welcome to inquire. We will provide you with the best transport refrigeration unit solutions.

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