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2021 Hot-selling - Split Truck Parking Air Conditioners

Jan 20,2022

2021 Hot-selling - Split Truck Parking Air Conditioners

Nowdays the dc powered truck parking air conditioner becomes more and more popular for truck drivers, electric compressor built in the condenser, customers will not need to install traditional compressor onthe engine, it will more convenient for customers to install. And electric air conditioner with low power consumption and low noise, it will bring more comfortable working and resting environment for truck drivers.

Huabon Thermo have two models split truck parking air conditioner AC-2600ES and AC-2600EV for choosing. The differences between AC-2600ES and AC-2600EV as follows:

1. Different size of condenser and evaporator

2. Different power consumption

DC12V AC-2600ES: 40A-65A DC24V AC-2600ES:10A~35A

DC12V AC-2600EV: 40A~60A DC24V AC-2600EV:20A~30A

Why choose Huabon Thermo 12V/24V Split Truck Parking Air Conditioner?

As a reliable manufacturer of truck parking air conditioner, Huabon Thermo design all products according to the demands of markets and customers, Huabon 12V/24V truck parking air conditioner will bring the following befits for users:

• Reducing the CO2 emissions: when truck parking or loading goods, the truck engine is not required to keep on, truck air conditioner is driven by battery, no emissions, no ticket for idling.

• Saving the fuel and cost: Turn off the engine with no idling.

• Get a comfortable sleeping or resting environment: without noise, truck drivers can sleep or rest in a homelike space with cooling, comfortable, peace, healthy and safe environment.

• Have a safe journey on the road: less the risks during driving by reducing the stress of vehicle and the tiredness of truck drivers.

Now we are finding distributors of truck air conditioner in the worldwide, if you are interested, please contact info@huabonthermo.com 

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