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The New Crown Epidemic may Stimulate the Development of Related Market Industries, and the Cold Chain Logistics Industry Faces New Opportunities and Challenges

Nov 15,2020

The New Crown Epidemic may Stimulate the Development of Related Market Industries, and the Cold Chain Logistics Industry Faces New Opportunities and Challenges

In 2020, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, "fresh e-commerce + cold chain home delivery", "central kitchen + cold chain distribution of food materials" and other agricultural products cold chain logistics new models, new formats and new technologies continue to emerge, creating more opportunities for the promotion of consumption upgrades. To ensure the timely supply of dining tables, food baskets, internal e-commerce, and logistics enterprises are running at full capacity, and they have also entered the accelerated development stage through the construction of cold chain logistics.

Under the new normal, with the re-gathering of population, the activation of urban economic engines, increased policy support, and the transformation and upgrading of consumption patterns, cold chain logistics will enter an unprecedented period of rapid development. In the face of the new "spring", how does the cold chain industry create new opportunities and make new breakthroughs to achieve a new round of transformation and upgrading? How to seize opportunities and meet challenges? It will become the most focused topic for cold chain logistics practitioners.

 From the biological cold chain to the fresh cold chain, the cold transport market continues to grow hot

With the continuous major breakthroughs in the research and development of the new crown vaccine, cold chain storage and transportation have received unprecedented attention, and at the same time, more stringent requirements and tests have been placed on cold chain storage and transportation equipment companies. In addition to the new demand brought by vaccines, according to the analysis of Huachuang Securities Research Report, the current scale of my country's fresh food e-commerce market is also maintaining rapid growth. In 2019, the scale of fresh food e-commerce is expected to be 320 billion, and the compound growth rate from 2015 to 2019 will exceed 50%. In 2020, the transaction scale may still exceed 50%.

 The core transportation equipment of cold chain logistics maintains a large growth demand space

According to data from the Cold Chain Committee of the China Federation of Things, in 2019, the total amount of cold storage in the country was about 60.53 million tons, with 8.145 million tons of new storage capacity. As the core transportation equipment of cold chain logistics, the upstream refrigerated truck manufacturing and refrigerated equipment market has also completely opened up a new situation. From 2015 to 2019, the number of refrigerated trucks in my country has almost maintained a growth rate of more than 20%. From January to June 2020, due to the strong demand for cold chain logistics since the epidemic, the output of my country's refrigerated trucks increased by more than 80% from April to June.

In April 2020, in the face of the rapid growth of my country’s cold chain logistics demand, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Cold Chain Facilities for Storage and Preservation of Agricultural Products", and provided specific support to accelerate the construction of cold chain facilities for storage and preservation of agricultural products. It has brought favorable policy dividends to the development of my country's cold chain logistics industry and continues to increase. Based on this, the cold chain logistics and transportation equipment market is rapidly concentrating on leading companies. With the steady improvement of epidemic control, the volume of cold chain logistics has increased. As the core of cold chain logistics, refrigerated trucks will enter a long period of high-speed growth.

Huabon Thermo transport refrigeration units also contribute to the development of the refrigerated truck industry.

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